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Episode 22: Matt and Ryan Get A CLUE


On Episode 22 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host try and solve a murder as well as figure out how Tim Curry remembered all of his lines. This week we watch the board game film CLUE. Probably the best board game movie, actually it is the BEST board game movie! We both really enjoyed…

We talk CLUE the Movie & it’s great. Go listen!!!!

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Episode 21: Roll on Dungeon Lords


On this episode of Matt and Ryan Get Board, our two host find themselves playing another indie game and of course they loved it! This week we play the game Dungeon Roll, a dice adventure game that pits you and your team against skeletons, dragons and goblins. In this episode we discuss the…

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Episode 20: Death to Skippy (w/ Missy Moreno)


Matt and Ryan have made it to Episode 20 and we’ve brought our friend Missy Moreno along for the ride! Missy is the guest this week and she also supplied the game. We played Family Ties the Board Game! Things we learned from this game, everybody hates Skippy! The Keatons are not the nicest…

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That classic moment from season one of Doogie when Ray aka Zman held up the grocery store with Doogie and Vinnie trapped inside. I drew this mainly to practice some more Dynamic poses.

Again everyone tells me GIMP is more professional that paint… and it is. I know. but I just hate coloring with it.

Skarterr out!

Of course it exist on Tumblr. A page dedicated to Doogie Howser… with dogs.

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the finished example that was used in my previous behind the sketch post

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Hey guys episode 17 of  mattandryangetboard is out! We Played Scattergories with the great Chris Fafalios of the Band PunchLine.

Chris was also kind of enough to let us borrow “Don’t Talk to Strangers” an educational game featuring a Scruff McGruff knock off.

Check out the show at itune:

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Episode 16: The Chicken Burrito Incident


On Episode 16 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host decide to switch things up and go to the movies! This week we saw the film Battleship, yes based off of the board game. If you’re wondering why we don’t live in a world filled with board game films, well this might be Exhibit A. Ryan’s…

in 2012 Hollywood really hoped we’d all catch Taylor Kitsch-Mania.We did not.

@mattandryangetboard watched the board game based Battleship. Psst: It’s Terrible!

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Episode 15: Don't wait for Ogre


On Episode 15 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host play a game that involves cable TV. Yes, it even said that on the box, you must have cable! We play the game Channel Surfing, a game made by Milton Bradley that asks you to surf channels until you find certain items. In this episode Ryan…

Go get it.

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Do you “Do the Urkel”? My Daughter does.

Family Matters for Life! TGIF!